Liven up the 4 seasons around a Dance Lime Tree


     Tilleul à Danser planté à Mazille, France


The dance lime tree could also become a meeting-place for groups and societies having to do with nature and the trades of old, including growers of heritage trees and seeds, tree grafters, hedgerow planters, those who conserve heritage fruits and vegetables, study botany, press flowers, do wicker-work, study medicinal plants and ethno-botany, collect mushrooms (a day of mushroom hunting could be followed by a meal made with the ‘harvest’), and study history and genealogy. Lectures series could be organised. Music courses and art courses on drawing, heraldry, genealogy, pottery and photography could be given, as well as courses on creating an Internet site.

Another interesting aspect of returning to traditions would be to make an inventory of the most beautiful trees in each community, as well as of its springs, fountains and bread ovens. In this way, ancient customs could be restored, and people could return to living traditions. Each community or family could devise its own coat of arms, which would lead to a renaissance of the arts of heraldry, a veritable art with its own particular symbolism, colours, and graphic codes.


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