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Tilleul à Danser planté à Mazille, France



Dans la vie culturelle autour du tilleul à danser, l’homme redevient l’acteur. Il reconstruit ses repères, valorise son patrimoine, anime la commune, tisse les liens pour l'avenir. Il vie pleinement son lieu d'habitation, sa culture, son temps.

Dans l'organisation des fêtes naturelles, chacun a sa place pour mettre en valeur et réaliser ses talents.

Our hope is that everyone who reads these lines and becomes interested in dance lime trees® and the eight ‘mother’ festivals will go on to do his or her own research, make discoveries, and invent personal traditions and customs in order to bring new life to communities both large and small. The poetic space of the dance lime tree® can be associated with any of these festivals, as well as with the other events that punctuate the social life of a community, including engagement ceremonies, civil weddings, and civil baptisms. Valentine’s Day, 14 February, is a perfect occasion to celebrate “the tree of love and life”. It should not be forgotten that Valentine’s Day commemorates the Nordic god Vali, an archer who is the ancestor of the cupids of today.

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