Plant a Dance LimeTree

Dance Lime Trees are planted from early November through March. To obtain a three-storey Dance Lime Tree large enough to support a dance floor on the first storey, two solutions are available:
  1. Buying from a nursery a lime tree that has been pruned to have three storeys and planting it. These trees are often around 20 years old. Prices are reasonable, taking into account the years of pruning and transportation costs. We have set up partnerships with several nurseries. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
  2. Buying and planting a young, un-pruned lime tree and pruning it in situ. (See the Pruning chapter for more information.)

Your lime tree will quickly grow to be a magnificent specimen that seems to defy time. It will hold your community’s memories for centuries to come.

Plantation of Dance Lime Tree at Mazille

Plantation of Dance Lime Tree at Jaure
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