Advantages for individuals:

  • Filling lives with joy through creative participation in community life and its festivals.
  • A feeling of renewal and of rootedness in one's culture, in harmony with the natural cycles of one's home. A fresh sense of the natural beauty of the environment.
  • Rediscovery of one's village, re-creation of links among people. Better organisation of one's life and time through the professional and personal services offered by community members.
  • Actively taking part in the creation of the cultural environment on personal, community and regional levels.

Advantages for the community:

  • Reuniting residents at festival times and enabling them to be active participants in revitalising community life.
  • Boosting the community's economy through the development of contacts among residents, leading to increased use of local professional services.
  • Attracting members of other communities to take part in cultural events and help boost the economy.
  • Fostering cultural exchanges between communities.
  • Creating a basis for future developments.

Advantages for Europe:

  • Reinforcing and promoting the great variety of cultural identities of communities and regions, and guaranteeing their vitality.
  • Revitalising the feeling of common European cultural roots.
  • The Dance Lime Tree makes a fine symbol of the links forged between twinned European towns and villages.

Tilleul à Danser planté à Mazille, France
Collage, dancers of Bruegel
and modern Dance Lime Tree

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