founder of the project « Dance Lime Trees»

Humankind’s concord with and immersion in the universe opens the way to all types of creation and the genius of the world’s peoples. What could be more beautiful, indeed, than the diversity of physiques, customs, languages, skills, costumes, music, song, and cooking that make up the world, and which are deeply influenced by landscape and climate.


I became aware of the German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) when I was very young, and his work has influenced me in the most profound way. Dürer has always been a model for me, and has guided my approach to art, which is well thought-out and deeply anchored in nature - the source of all that animates us – and reaches through the prism of my imagination towards the Sacred.

This attitude led me, over the years, to practise folk traditions, music, dance and singing.

The clear-minded views and insatiable curiosity of the Académie Française member Roger Caillois, who honoured me with his friendship, were also instrumental in helping guide me to the research that culminated in my interest in dance lime trees and related traditions.

Two years of concentrated research allowed me to grasp the meaning of the three tiers of the dance lime trees® and of their relationship to the eight traditional nature festivals of Europe.

Every artist is also a human being and a community member. What I like about this project, which I helped to create, is that it has allowed me to contribute to a renewal of rootedness and confidence, something no civilisation can exist without. I have taken part in creating a world vision in which the Poetic and art create a pattern of emulation that will, I hope, give rise to a new, green humanism.

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