Construction of your Dance Lime Tree’s Wooden Structure

As soon as your Dance Lime Tree is planted, and in order to hold dances at its base while it is growing to adult size, you can build a dance floor with a circumferance of 3 to 5 metres around the trunk, on the ground. It is best to build the floor on a base of eight pillars, which correspond to the cycle of the Eight Nature Festivals. This structure can also help to hold up the horizontal branches of the first storey. When the tree has reached adulthood, the first level dance floor can be placed on the eight pillars.
Les charpentes des tilleuls à danser sur un étage sont belles est simples.
The wooden structures on the first floor of Dance Lime Trees are beautiful and simple ones. However the choice of material (wood, stone, metals) and the conception of the structure can vary according to the builder’s creativity. Structures can range from the very simple to the extremely complex.

Photographic simulation of a dance floor based on the dance lime tree in Rauenstein :

Photo langenstat, stone pillars

Limmers dorf charpente en bois

The young French journeyman carpenter Arnaud Chanteloup has researched the ideal supporting structure for dance lime trees. Here to see photos and 3D images of his model.. 3D images

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