The eight annuel natural celebrations


Winter solstice, the Jul (or Yule) festivall
Imbolc, the celebration of 1 February
Spring equinox, Easter
May Day, Beltane
Summer solstice
Lugnasad, the celebretion of the grain harvest
Autumn equinox
Samhain, the remembrance of the dead and the saints

Tilleul à Danser planté à Mazille, France

Carbuncle, the wheel of 8 celebrations.





The Eight Nature Festivals are presented in their simplest, most basic form here.

Studying many populations, countries and regions leads to an understanding of the incredible diversity and creativity connected with these festivals, and which is too complex to be presented here.

Our hope is that everyone who reads these lines will go on to do his or her own research, make discoveries, and invent personal traditions and customs in order to bring new life to communities both large and small.

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