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Tilleul à Danser planté à Mazille, France

     Celebration at Limmersdorf.     

Traditional Dances, Songs, Music

Dances and songs that belong to local folklore can be used or adapted, and new ones can also be created. It is interesting to observe how dance styles reflect mentalities as well as the current state of a given community. The more closely-knit the community, the tighter its dance circles. Over the centuries small communities have given way to society as we know it, and in the same way, round dances gradually evolved into serpentine dances, with dance today becoming a completely individual affair.5 Dance allows traditions to be handed down, and it is important to remember the words of Guilcher6: “The real questions have to do first and foremost with the nature of the handing down: its ends and its means, its place and its role, and in particular the milieu in which plays this role”. We believe it is possible to reclaim our dance heritage, while also grafting creative new elements onto old stock.
Songs will be used in a similar way, always bearing in mind the songs of yore, which were sung while dancing took place. Each village or region will take stock of existing songs through contact with local folkdance, folk music and folk singing groups. Themed vocal groups can be created; vocal groups can also focus on a particular theme, such as songs connected to the various occupations and trades, May Day songs, Christmas songs, children’s songs, songs of husbands and wives and of people born the same year, songs of love and marriage, marching songs, laments, historic songs, burlesque and bawdy songs, and drinking songs. Research can be undertaken in more urban settings, and competitions can be set up to stimulate the writing of new songs. Emphasis will be placed on bringing the community together, and of creating a pleasant atmosphere for community members who share these special moments.

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